Broadwater residents

Come and meet your local MP, Tim Loughton at Starbucks on Friday 6th March

Come and meet your local MP, Tim Loughton at his surgery taking place at Starbucks on Friday 6th March,between 11am-1pm.

This is your opportunity to ask Tim any questions or raise concerns that you have locally or nationally. Your councillors for Broadwater, Gaisford and Offington will also be attending and look forward to seeing you.






Join Broadwater Conservatives

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Then join Broadwater Conservatives.

Call 01273 757182 or send an email to and you will be sent a membership form.

Join Broadwater Conservatives


Call 01273 757182 or send an email to and you will be sent a membership form.

Burglary Update – Broadwater and Worthing

Over the Halloween weekend, Sussex Police have had a number of burglary dwellings reported to them including one in Broadwater.

If you have any information about any of these incidents please contact Sussex Police on 101 quoting the relevant serial number.


Serial 0598 1/11/2014

Southdownview Close

Attempt break to premises over night, tool marks to dining room window using garden fork which has been found discarded in the garden and the padlock from the rear garden gate has been removed and found in another garden. No entry gained.


Serial 1285 31/10/2014

Longlands Glade

At 17:35 hours on 31/10/2014 the neighbours to the address heard the alarm sounding, they informed another neighbour who entered with a key, they silenced the alarm but then noticed a rear window wide open with muddy footprints on the carpet. Occupants are away but appears no search has been made and no items stolen.


Serial 1374 31/10/2014

Uplands Avenue

14:00-18:00 hour’s kitchen window removed using a bladed edged tool and an untidy search made where jewellery has been stolen.


Serial 1592 31/10/2014

Clyde Road

Occupants out for the day returned home at 20:00 to find rear patio doors smashed, very untidy search made, Jewellery and euros stolen. Rock found on kitchen floor which is believed to have been used to gain entry.


Serial 0056 1/11/2014

Chute Avenue

Between 14:00 TO 00:00 hours occupants out of premises, returned home to see garage door has been forced and door leading to premises inside garage smashed through, untidy search made, jewellery and cash stolen.

£50k being invested in Kitty’s Field Play Equipment 2014/2015


Since I was elected as a Borough Councillor in 2010, I have sat on the Broadwater Neighbourhood Panel which looks after safety issues in Broadwater. Safety in Kitty’s Field has remained a priority since day one. One of my first challenges as Borough Council representative of the Broadwater Neighbourhood Panel was to find money to pay for low-ambient lighting in Kitty’s Field, which I am pleased to say I did. The lighting is now installed with the help of Worthing Borough Council, PCSO Nicola Burstow and Chris Poore and we have received excellent feedback from families and children in the area.

Another concern has been upgrading the worn-out play equipment in Kitty’s Field and I am thrilled to announce that £50k has now been assigned from Worthing Borough Council’s Capital Fund programme to refurbish Kitty’s Field play area in the financial year 2014/2015.

Worthing Borough Council Engineers are finalising the tender to go out to play companies for this site. In order to create transparency, this is how the play equipment scoring process takes place:

The play equipment tender evaluation will be weighted as follows:

  • Technical/construction: 25%
  • Warranty: 25%
  • Play equipment value: 25%

The Top three schemes will then be presented to the local community for consultation and for them to have their say on the submitted designs.

The scheme votes will be scored against the total votes cast and weighted to 25%. This will then be added to the rest of the evaluation and the scheme awarded to the highest overall tender score.

I will keep you informed of any progress.

I would like to thank Cllr Bryan Turner, Cllr Dan Humphries and Andy Edwards, Parks & Foreshore Manager at Worthing Borough Council for their assistance in obtaining the funding for this worthwhile project.

Did you know?

Dominion Road Open Space was purchased and established in 1949 and historically been known as ‘Kitty’s Field’, after a horse called Kitty, that used to graze there. Many people, including the Parks Section, still know it as Kitty’s Field. It has play equipment suitable for 2-6 years and 6 years upwards.

(Photo below – Cllr Vicky Vaughan, left, and the Mayor of Worthing, right, standing next to the new low level ambient lighting in Kitty’s Field).




Post Office Modernisation – 8 Cricketers Parade, Broadwater Street West, Broadwater

Broadwater Post Office

Broadwater Post Office Refurbishment

Broadwater Post Office is being upgraded to a main style branch. This is part of modernisation programme which is taking place and Broadwater Post Office is one of 8000 branches being upgraded. The Government committed £1.34bn in 2010 towards this venture.

What will this mean for Broadwater Post Office Customers?

  • A newly refurbished branch providing moderning open plan environment for customers
  • Same products and services with the addition of car tax
  • Longer opening hours

The new-look Post Office is scheduled to open on Tuesday 4th November at 1pm. It will be closing for refurbishment on Saturday 18th October 2014 at 12.30pm. If there are any unforeseen delays, posters will be displayed at the branch.

While the Broadwater Post Office is closed, customers can use:

  • Littlehampton Road Post Office, 2 Littlehampton Road, Worthing, BN13 1QE > Click here for Google map location
  • Worthing Counter Poster Office, Chapel Road, Worthing, BN11 1AA > Click here for Google map location

I am delighted that Broadwater Post Office is being upgraded and I hope residents will show patience and understanding during the refurbishment.


Conservative success in the 2014 Broadwater Local Elections

Broadwater local elections 2014

I am extremely pleased to announce a successful result in the 2014 Broadwater Local Elections. Conservatives beat UKIPs by 63 votes which confirms that the Broadwater residents sensibly voted for progress and not protest. Conservatives will now be able to continue with their hard work to make Worthing an even better place to work, live, play and invest in!

Huge thanks to everyone that voted for Conservatives in the 2014 local elections. Worthing, as usual, bucked the trend and increased its number of seats. We see some new fresh faced councillors in other wards around Worthing and you will be able to read about them in this week’s Herald.

If you would like to see the other Worthing local election 2014 results, click here.

A number of Conservative voters I have recently met expressed an interest in becoming a Conservative member. Membership is a bargain at only £25 per year and gives you a say on candidate selection, enjoy fund-raising events and socialise with many interesting people including of course, our local MP, Tim Loughton. Click here to visit the East Worthing and Shoreham Conservative website.

If you would like to know more please get in touch with our Constituency office at 88a High Street Shoreham, 01273 757182 or email:

Broadwater Matters – Local election campaign leaflet

Since you put your trust in me as your local councillor in 2010, I have been working hard to support the community and businesses in Broadwater and Worthing. I organised the Royal Wedding party on Broadwater Green in 2011 which raised almost £1500 for Broadwater Community Association.

Community: I successfully campaigned for low ambient lighting in Kitties Field to make it safer for children to play after dark. Pictured with Vic Walker, borough councillor (Broadwater).

Business: £160million GSK investment in Broadwater. Pictured above at GSK with Paul Yallop (left), leader of Worthing Borough Council, and Cllr Bryan Turner borough (Gaisford) and county councillor (Broadwater).

Community: Planting on Worthing Seafront. This was a fantastic community event and it was great to see families across Worthing join in.

Community: I took part in a student mentoring scheme and Enterprise Day at Durrington High School. It was really successful and I hope to be able to roll the schemes across to schools in Broadwater.


22nd May 2014 – Vote for Progress, not Protest, in the Local Elections

Example of LOCAL ELECTION voting slip - Vote Vicky Vaughan - your Broadwater Candidate

Your LOCAL ELECTION  voting slip will look similar to above. It is essential that you understand the difference between your Local and European vote. LOCALLY: Vote for Vicky Vaughan – your Broadwater Candidate

On Thursday 22nd May, the Local and European elections will take place. When you arrive at the polling station, you will be handed two voting slips – one for LOCAL and one for EUROPEAN. It is essential that you understand the difference between the Local and European elections and vote sensibly.

Here is why you should vote for CONSERVATIVES in the LOCAL elections. 


Since you elected me to serve Broadwater in 2010, I have been looking after your off road parking, recycling and waste,  streets and travel, planning, licensing, leisure, housing and many other services as well as raising funds for Broadwater Community Association and campaigning for community schemes. If you don’t vote Conservative, you could see these services deteriorate. It is vital that you vote Vicky Vaughan Conservative on your LOCAL ELECTION VOTING SLIP.

Whoever you decide to vote for in the European elections, think strategically when casting your LOCAL ELECTION VOTE  for Broadwater and Worthing.

  1. LOCALLY: Conservatives has frozen Council tax for four years in Worthing when UKIPs recently voted for a Council Tax increase in Sompting. UKIP councillors will most likely vote for a Council Tax increase in Worthing if they win.
  2. LOCALLY: When the Green Party gained power in Brighton, car parking prices rocketed to £3.50 per hour and £20 per day where as Worthing Conservatives has reduced parking to £1 per hour.
  3. LOCALLY: Since the Green party gained power in BRIGHTON, waste collection services have been rubbish – please excuse the pun! Read this article. Do you want this for Worthing?
  4. LOCALLY: When Lib Dems were last in power they signed Worthing Borough Council car parks over to a 10 year NCP – discouraging investment and alienating shoppers and tourists. They also voted for a rise in car parking charges at a recent Council meeting.
  5. LOCALLY: At the time of writing, some two weeks before the 2014 elections, UKIP has no published local policies for Broadwater or Worthing. All they care about is the EU. What will become of Broadwater and Worthing if you allow them in?

Since Conservatives gained power in Worthing in 2004, we have become a role model for other councils across the UK because we now share some services such as recycling and refuse. This strategic partnership has saved vital funds and retained services for residents across Adur and Worthing, at a time when we are still recovering from the financial mess that Labour left us in.

Whatever your national/European views are, BETTER the devil you know than the angel you don’t. Vote Vicky Vaughan – your Conservative Candidate for the LOCAL ELECTIONS.


EUROPEAN ELECTIONS – Vote for your say. Vote for a referendum. Vote Conservative.

Has the European media hype got you foaming at the mouth? Again think strategically …

Whatever your views of immigration are, at least Conservatives are offering you a chance to vote in a referendum – none of the other parties are. If you want your say – then vote Conservative.

Conservative MEPs will support David Cameron in securing the Three Rs:

  • Reform of the European Union
  • Renegotiation of our relationship with the EU
  • Referendum to let the British people decide – in or out.

Read here for further information –

Vicky Vaughan is your Broadwater Councillor

I cannot believe that I am up for election again in 2014. The last few years have whizzed by and I have witnessed many changes.

  1. During my time as a Worthing Borough Councillor, I am honoured to have been offered the role of Policy Advisor to the Leader of Worthing Borough Council, Paul Yallop.
  2. I have sat on the Licensing Committee since I was elected and was promoted to Vice-Chairman last year. We have had many difficult decisions to make and I know there will be more to come. I feel this is a worthwhile and rewarding committee and I look forward to many more years.
  3. During my time as councillor, I have witnessed the recruitment of two chief executives – Peter Latham and Alex Bailey. I have now met Alex and I am excited about the suggestions he has already made and I look forward to helping Alex put his ideas into action, alongside our leader, Paul Yallop.
  4. I have secured S106 money for low ambient lighting in Kitties Field (Dominion Road Recreation Ground). It is wonderful to see children playing outside safely, and now they can do so during the darker winter months.
  5. For the past year, we have helped a Broadwater family to deal with a tree which has been causing misery and damage to their property. The tree was protected with a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) and it has been a challenge getting this tree cut back, but it has now been done.
  6. I organised the Broadwater Royal Wedding Picnic in 2011 which raised £1500 for Broadwater Community Association. It was a fantastic event and our MP Tim Loughton, along with Alan Rice and Ann Barlow were gunged for charity. You can see the movie by clicking here.

These are just a few of the things I have done. In my next blog you can read about what I am planning to do if I am elected again.

Please do contact me if you have any questions.

Yours faithfully, Vicky Vaughan.