Park in Worthing for only £1 per hour!

Worthing Conservatives has unanimously voted in favour of lowering the parking charges in Worthing to £1 an hour. Ten years after the Lib Dems signed our car parks over to NCP they are coming back under local control—and the profits will stop leaving Worthing!

Astonishingly, your Liberal Democrat Councillor voted AGAINST the plan to reduce car parking charges—despite the widespread support from businesses and residents who welcome this new era of lower parking charges in Worthing.

At election time, remember that a vote for the Lib Dems is a vote against cheaper parking in Worthing.

Click here to see who voted for and against cheaper car parking in Worthing – courtesy of the Worthing Herald

Click here to see our leader, Paul Yallop, at Joint Strategic Committee talking about the reduced parking charges – courtesy of the Worthing Herald