2014 elections

Conservative success in the 2014 Broadwater Local Elections

Broadwater local elections 2014

I am extremely pleased to announce a successful result in the 2014 Broadwater Local Elections. Conservatives beat UKIPs by 63 votes which confirms that the Broadwater residents sensibly voted for progress and not protest. Conservatives will now be able to continue with their hard work to make Worthing an even better place to work, live, play and invest in!

Huge thanks to everyone that voted for Conservatives in the 2014 local elections. Worthing, as usual, bucked the trend and increased its number of seats. We see some new fresh faced councillors in other wards around Worthing and you will be able to read about them in this week’s Herald.

If you would like to see the other Worthing local election 2014 results, click here.

A number of Conservative voters I have recently met expressed an interest in becoming a Conservative member. Membership is a bargain at only £25 per year and gives you a say on candidate selection, enjoy fund-raising events and socialise with many interesting people including of course, our local MP, Tim Loughton. Click here to visit the East Worthing and Shoreham Conservative website.

If you would like to know more please get in touch with our Constituency office at 88a High Street Shoreham, 01273 757182 or email: eastworthingandhoreham@tory.org.

Thank you to the Broadwater local election voters

I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone that voted for me yesterday in the Broadwater local elections.

At the time of writing, I still have 1.5 hours to wait until the count reveals whether I win the election – the count is at 1.30pm. So far Conservatives have lost control of eight authorities. This is devastating news.

I feel I must share with you a shocking experience which happened while I was working at a Broadwater polling station last night …

Due to lack of other seating, unfortunately I had to sit next to a drunk UKIP teller who arrived smelling like a brewery. I was shocked that he turned up to work drunk and it got worse. He refused to write the polling numbers down because ‘it was a waste of time’ apparently as UKIPs doesn’t have the software to input the numbers. I’m surprised that an organisation of 20 years old (I was advised) does not have adequate software – and UKIPs believe that they have the intelligence to run the country?

It gets much worse … This drunk UKIP teller then advised my colleague and I that he thought it was unfair that Jimmy Saville and other peodophiles who committed crimes back in the 1970s are now being judged by todays standards. He said: “That was just what happened then, it was part of the culture and living standards”.  Our drunk UKIP teller would not accept that it was unfair that women were too scared to speak up. I wonder if all the women who voted for UKIP are aware of its evil and sexist mentality – you want these people to run the country? Farage apologises for his members mistakes, but there seems to be too many mistakes!

The TV media has proved a major disappointment to me over the last few months because it has not educated voters about the difference between Local and European elections. Yesterday many people still didn’t realise they would get two voting slips to complete! Many make local voting decisions based upon what happens nationally e.g. immigration/benefits issues. There should be more TV shows about the difference between local and county services, and what unitary authorities are.  Instead our screens are filled with far too much air time on UKIP’s Farage.

Whatever happens in 1.5 hours time, I know that I keep my integrity intact and have remained ethical. I also know I have worked extremely hard for Broadwater and I really appreciate those Broadwater residents who took the time to thank me yesterday for my ward work.

Well I’m off to get ready for the count! I hope my next blog will be announcing a success story. If not, I hope that next year I can count on your support once again.

Once again, thanks for your support.

Broadwater Matters – Local election campaign leaflet

Since you put your trust in me as your local councillor in 2010, I have been working hard to support the community and businesses in Broadwater and Worthing. I organised the Royal Wedding party on Broadwater Green in 2011 which raised almost £1500 for Broadwater Community Association.

Community: I successfully campaigned for low ambient lighting in Kitties Field to make it safer for children to play after dark. Pictured with Vic Walker, borough councillor (Broadwater).

Business: £160million GSK investment in Broadwater. Pictured above at GSK with Paul Yallop (left), leader of Worthing Borough Council, and Cllr Bryan Turner borough (Gaisford) and county councillor (Broadwater).

Community: Planting on Worthing Seafront. This was a fantastic community event and it was great to see families across Worthing join in.

Community: I took part in a student mentoring scheme and Enterprise Day at Durrington High School. It was really successful and I hope to be able to roll the schemes across to schools in Broadwater.