Local elections 2014

22nd May 2014 – Vote for Progress, not Protest, in the Local Elections

Example of LOCAL ELECTION voting slip - Vote Vicky Vaughan - your Broadwater Candidate

Your LOCAL ELECTION  voting slip will look similar to above. It is essential that you understand the difference between your Local and European vote. LOCALLY: Vote for Vicky Vaughan – your Broadwater Candidate

On Thursday 22nd May, the Local and European elections will take place. When you arrive at the polling station, you will be handed two voting slips – one for LOCAL and one for EUROPEAN. It is essential that you understand the difference between the Local and European elections and vote sensibly.

Here is why you should vote for CONSERVATIVES in the LOCAL elections. 


Since you elected me to serve Broadwater in 2010, I have been looking after your off road parking, recycling and waste,  streets and travel, planning, licensing, leisure, housing and many other services as well as raising funds for Broadwater Community Association and campaigning for community schemes. If you don’t vote Conservative, you could see these services deteriorate. It is vital that you vote Vicky Vaughan Conservative on your LOCAL ELECTION VOTING SLIP.

Whoever you decide to vote for in the European elections, think strategically when casting your LOCAL ELECTION VOTE  for Broadwater and Worthing.

  1. LOCALLY: Conservatives has frozen Council tax for four years in Worthing when UKIPs recently voted for a Council Tax increase in Sompting. UKIP councillors will most likely vote for a Council Tax increase in Worthing if they win.
  2. LOCALLY: When the Green Party gained power in Brighton, car parking prices rocketed to £3.50 per hour and £20 per day where as Worthing Conservatives has reduced parking to £1 per hour.
  3. LOCALLY: Since the Green party gained power in BRIGHTON, waste collection services have been rubbish – please excuse the pun! Read this article. Do you want this for Worthing?
  4. LOCALLY: When Lib Dems were last in power they signed Worthing Borough Council car parks over to a 10 year NCP – discouraging investment and alienating shoppers and tourists. They also voted for a rise in car parking charges at a recent Council meeting.
  5. LOCALLY: At the time of writing, some two weeks before the 2014 elections, UKIP has no published local policies for Broadwater or Worthing. All they care about is the EU. What will become of Broadwater and Worthing if you allow them in?

Since Conservatives gained power in Worthing in 2004, we have become a role model for other councils across the UK because we now share some services such as recycling and refuse. This strategic partnership has saved vital funds and retained services for residents across Adur and Worthing, at a time when we are still recovering from the financial mess that Labour left us in.

Whatever your national/European views are, BETTER the devil you know than the angel you don’t. Vote Vicky Vaughan – your Conservative Candidate for the LOCAL ELECTIONS.


EUROPEAN ELECTIONS – Vote for your say. Vote for a referendum. Vote Conservative.

Has the European media hype got you foaming at the mouth? Again think strategically …

Whatever your views of immigration are, at least Conservatives are offering you a chance to vote in a referendum – none of the other parties are. If you want your say – then vote Conservative.

Conservative MEPs will support David Cameron in securing the Three Rs:

  • Reform of the European Union
  • Renegotiation of our relationship with the EU
  • Referendum to let the British people decide – in or out.

Read here for further information – http://conservativeeurope.com