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Burglary Update – Broadwater and Worthing

Over the Halloween weekend, Sussex Police have had a number of burglary dwellings reported to them including one in Broadwater.

If you have any information about any of these incidents please contact Sussex Police on 101 quoting the relevant serial number.


Serial 0598 1/11/2014

Southdownview Close

Attempt break to premises over night, tool marks to dining room window using garden fork which has been found discarded in the garden and the padlock from the rear garden gate has been removed and found in another garden. No entry gained.


Serial 1285 31/10/2014

Longlands Glade

At 17:35 hours on 31/10/2014 the neighbours to the address heard the alarm sounding, they informed another neighbour who entered with a key, they silenced the alarm but then noticed a rear window wide open with muddy footprints on the carpet. Occupants are away but appears no search has been made and no items stolen.


Serial 1374 31/10/2014

Uplands Avenue

14:00-18:00 hour’s kitchen window removed using a bladed edged tool and an untidy search made where jewellery has been stolen.


Serial 1592 31/10/2014

Clyde Road

Occupants out for the day returned home at 20:00 to find rear patio doors smashed, very untidy search made, Jewellery and euros stolen. Rock found on kitchen floor which is believed to have been used to gain entry.


Serial 0056 1/11/2014

Chute Avenue

Between 14:00 TO 00:00 hours occupants out of premises, returned home to see garage door has been forced and door leading to premises inside garage smashed through, untidy search made, jewellery and cash stolen.

£50k being invested in Kitty’s Field Play Equipment 2014/2015


Since I was elected as a Borough Councillor in 2010, I have sat on the Broadwater Neighbourhood Panel which looks after safety issues in Broadwater. Safety in Kitty’s Field has remained a priority since day one. One of my first challenges as Borough Council representative of the Broadwater Neighbourhood Panel was to find money to pay for low-ambient lighting in Kitty’s Field, which I am pleased to say I did. The lighting is now installed with the help of Worthing Borough Council, PCSO Nicola Burstow and Chris Poore and we have received excellent feedback from families and children in the area.

Another concern has been upgrading the worn-out play equipment in Kitty’s Field and I am thrilled to announce that £50k has now been assigned from Worthing Borough Council’s Capital Fund programme to refurbish Kitty’s Field play area in the financial year 2014/2015.

Worthing Borough Council Engineers are finalising the tender to go out to play companies for this site. In order to create transparency, this is how the play equipment scoring process takes place:

The play equipment tender evaluation will be weighted as follows:

  • Technical/construction: 25%
  • Warranty: 25%
  • Play equipment value: 25%

The Top three schemes will then be presented to the local community for consultation and for them to have their say on the submitted designs.

The scheme votes will be scored against the total votes cast and weighted to 25%. This will then be added to the rest of the evaluation and the scheme awarded to the highest overall tender score.

I will keep you informed of any progress.

I would like to thank Cllr Bryan Turner, Cllr Dan Humphries and Andy Edwards, Parks & Foreshore Manager at Worthing Borough Council for their assistance in obtaining the funding for this worthwhile project.

Did you know?

Dominion Road Open Space was purchased and established in 1949 and historically been known as ‘Kitty’s Field’, after a horse called Kitty, that used to graze there. Many people, including the Parks Section, still know it as Kitty’s Field. It has play equipment suitable for 2-6 years and 6 years upwards.

(Photo below – Cllr Vicky Vaughan, left, and the Mayor of Worthing, right, standing next to the new low level ambient lighting in Kitty’s Field).




Sussex Police Adur & Worthing Neighbourhood Policing Team Distraction Burglary Advice – 15th July 2014

Do you know who is at your door?
An elderly woman received a visit from an unknown male at her home address in Old Shoreham Roadon Monday 7 July. The man claimed to be a builder. The lady was distracted to her back garden by the caller asking to look at ladders when another male entered the address. Jewellery was stolen from the house. If you have any information with regard to this incident please contact us quoting serial 0877 of 07/07.
On Saturday 12 July in Wallace Avenue, Worthing, an elderly woman was called upon by a male asking if she had a contact number for a neighbour. The woman allowed the male in to her house and later reported a sum of cash had been stolen. It is believed a second suspect entered the house while the woman was distracted and stole the cash. If you have any information with regard to this incident please contact us quoting serial 0864 of 12/07.

To help reduce the risk of this happening to you, please follow this advice:
• Ask for ID
• Ask for a reason
• Ring the company they are from if you aren’t sure
• Don’t leave them alone
• Lock the door

To report any suspicious people, you can call 101 or in an emergency please call 999.

This message was sent by by email from PEO Shaun POLLEY 32429

Please do not reply to this email to report crimes or incidents… Contact us online or call 101 when it’s less urgent than 999

Sussex Police Warning – A reminder to all residents to be vigilant over scams

Sussex Police are reminding all residents, especially the elderly and anyone living alone, not to be taken in by a new type of scam that has been reported in the West Sussex area.

If you or any of your relatives or friends are(or have been) telephoned by the Ministry of Justice and told you qualify for a refund on payment protection insurance (PPI) this will be a scam.

The scammer will ask that in order for your claim to be processed you have to pay a percentage of your payout up front and that this should be in the form of UKASH vouchers. They then send a courier to attend the home address of the victim and collect the vouchers or access the code for these vouchers in order to claim the money. These scammers may call you on more than on one occasion and be persuasive or persistent in their calls. They may also suggest you call them back in order to ‘prove’ their identification. Please do not be taken in by these tactics.

To date there have been three reports of this particular MO; in Bognor, Littlehampton and Midhurst. If you have received a call of this nature or know anyone who has, please contact Sussex Police on 101 and report it to action fraud. In an emergency always dial 999.

The members of the community who seem to have been targeted are the elderly. Please make sure that if you know of any elderly residents who may not receive messages through community messaging that you inform them to be vigilant of this particular type of scam.

Detective Inspector Jim McKnight said: “These are wicked crimes that target some of our most vulnerable people. The impact on the victims is not only a financial one but can also have detrimentally affects on confidence and physical well being. The contact between the victim and the criminal can be a one off or can be very regular covering days and weeks. Please be aware to any signs of this or similar activity taking place – bring it to a halt and contact Police who will investigate the matter whilst providing advice, and assistance.”

This message was sent by via PEO Shaun POLLEY 32429

Please do not reply to this email to report crimes or incidents… Contact Sussex Police online or call 101 when it’s less urgent than 999