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Palm Oil advice warning for dog owners


As you may have heard, palm oil being found across our beaches in Adur and Worthing.

Our beach, cleansing and parks teams are monitoring the beaches for Palm Oil on a daily basis.

If you find some palm oil – it is white and looks like a lump of candle wax  – see the photo above. Please report it to the Beach Office on 01903 238977 or email Palm Oil is congealed, rancid and smells rotten but dogs seem to like it and will often eat it which can make them very ill.

The Veterinary Poisons Information Service told us:

“We have received a number of emergency enquiries about dogs that have eaten it. The main problems are vomiting and diarrhoea and these can lead to dehydration, particularly in young or small dogs. We do not think it is the age of the oil that is causing this, as fresh oil would cause the same problems. There is also a potential risk of pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreatitis) which can result in vague, non-specific signs including vomiting and diarrhoea. This is a risk in dogs that eat a large amount of any fatty or oily food substance.

We would suggest anyone with a dog that has eaten palm oil contact their vet for advice, particularly if the dog is already unwell. There is no specific treatment but the dog may need medication to control vomiting and intravenous fluid to treat or prevent dehydration. The main thing owners can do it prevent exposure.”

During this time we advise all dog owners to keep their dog on the lead whilst walking on the beach.