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UPDATE Travellers have now left Sompting Road Park/Lyons Farm Recreation Ground

Update at 20.51: travellers have left the Lyons Farm site, and are moving east along A27. Police monitoring.

The Lyons Farm recreation ground is now secure.

We thank all the residents in the vicinity of this area for their patience.

John Mitchell & Cllr Vicky Vaughan

Travellers in Sompting Road Park/Lyons Farm Recreation Ground

STATEMENT FROM JOHN MITCHELL –┬áDirector for Communities

The current position at the Lyons Farm Open Space, Sompting Road, is that the Police have agreed to use their S61 powers, with the expectation that the Travellers leave the site by 18.00 this evening.
Despite this, the Travellers have refused to leave the site, indicating that they will not leave until tomorrow morning at approximately 11.00am. This is a very unusual situation and not one we have encountered in Adur and Worthing before. It is normally the case that following the use of S61, Travellers move by the time specified by the Police.
In considering the options available to the Police and Council, factors such as Police resources available; the size of encampment (30 vehicles & 30 individuals in this case); and the risk to public order are considered. In view of these factors it has been agreed that the S61 action will take place at 11.00am tomorrow morning. In the meantime a Neighbourhood Policing Team presence currently remains on site, with door to door calls being made to residents to provide reassurance. Police will continue to monitor the site overnight prior to the S61 action tomorrow morning.
If any residents are concerned for their safety, please call 999.