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Burglary Update – Broadwater and Worthing

Over the Halloween weekend, Sussex Police have had a number of burglary dwellings reported to them including one in Broadwater.

If you have any information about any of these incidents please contact Sussex Police on 101 quoting the relevant serial number.


Serial 0598 1/11/2014

Southdownview Close

Attempt break to premises over night, tool marks to dining room window using garden fork which has been found discarded in the garden and the padlock from the rear garden gate has been removed and found in another garden. No entry gained.


Serial 1285 31/10/2014

Longlands Glade

At 17:35 hours on 31/10/2014 the neighbours to the address heard the alarm sounding, they informed another neighbour who entered with a key, they silenced the alarm but then noticed a rear window wide open with muddy footprints on the carpet. Occupants are away but appears no search has been made and no items stolen.


Serial 1374 31/10/2014

Uplands Avenue

14:00-18:00 hour’s kitchen window removed using a bladed edged tool and an untidy search made where jewellery has been stolen.


Serial 1592 31/10/2014

Clyde Road

Occupants out for the day returned home at 20:00 to find rear patio doors smashed, very untidy search made, Jewellery and euros stolen. Rock found on kitchen floor which is believed to have been used to gain entry.


Serial 0056 1/11/2014

Chute Avenue

Between 14:00 TO 00:00 hours occupants out of premises, returned home to see garage door has been forced and door leading to premises inside garage smashed through, untidy search made, jewellery and cash stolen.