Cllr Vicky Vaughan serving Broadwater

Your Borough Councillor for Broadwater at your service. Vice-Chairman of Worthing Planning Committee, Joint Planning Committee and Policy Advisor to the Leader of Worthing Borough council, Paul Yallop. Member of Broadwater Community Association and Broadwater Neighbourhood Panel.

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  • Vicky Vaughan is a strong community fundraiser
  • Vicky Vaughan's problem solving expertise has helped many Broadwater residents
Three Broadwater Councillors at your service

Three Broadwater Councillors at your service

Meet my colleagues, Cllr Bryan Turner (County Counclllor, Broadwater) and Cllr Vic Walker (Borough Councillor, Broadwater). Together the three of us are responsible for 4000 households in the Broadwater area covering everything from planning to licensing to education.
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Business Matters in Broadwater and Worthing

Business Matters in Broadwater and Worthing

Tim Loughton MP and Cllr Vicky Vaughan invited Michael Fallon MP (Minister of State for Business & Energy) to Shoreham to talk to Broadwater, Worthing and Shoreham businesses. Michael Fallon asked how the Government could make things easier for business growth. Read his response.
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Kitties Field Funding for Low Level Lighting

Kitties Field Funding for Low Level Lighting

Vicky Vaughan secured S106 money for this lighting project on Kitties Field (Dominion Road) Recreation Ground. It allows children to play on the ground after dark in the winter months and has been very well received.
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Gardening in the Community

Gardening in the Community

Being a Worthing Borough Councillor means I am invited to many community events in and around Worthing. This gardening project was a fantastic social event and I would encourage Broadwater residents to join in: It's an inexpensive way of meeting new friends.
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£50k being invested in Kitty’s Field Play Equipment 2014/2015


Since I was elected as a Borough Councillor in 2010, I have sat on the Broadwater Neighbourhood Panel which looks after safety issues in Broadwater. Safety in Kitty’s Field has remained a priority since day one. One of my first challenges as Borough Council representative of the Broadwater Neighbourhood Panel was to find money to pay for low-ambient lighting in Kitty’s Field, which I am pleased to say I did. The lighting is now installed with the help of Worthing Borough Council, PCSO Nicola Burstow and Chris Poore and we have received excellent feedback from families and children in the area.

Another concern has been upgrading the worn-out play equipment in Kitty’s Field and I am thrilled to announce that £50k has now been assigned from Worthing Borough Council’s Capital Fund programme to refurbish Kitty’s Field play area in the financial year 2014/2015.

Worthing Borough Council Engineers are finalising the tender to go out to play companies for this site. In order to create transparency, this is how the play equipment scoring process takes place:

The play equipment tender evaluation will be weighted as follows:

  • Technical/construction: 25%
  • Warranty: 25%
  • Play equipment value: 25%

The Top three schemes will then be presented to the local community for consultation and for them to have their say on the submitted designs.

The scheme votes will be scored against the total votes cast and weighted to 25%. This will then be added to the rest of the evaluation and the scheme awarded to the highest overall tender score.

I will keep you informed of any progress.

I would like to thank Cllr Bryan Turner, Cllr Dan Humphries and Andy Edwards, Parks & Foreshore Manager at Worthing Borough Council for their assistance in obtaining the funding for this worthwhile project.

Did you know?

Dominion Road Open Space was purchased and established in 1949 and historically been known as ‘Kitty’s Field’, after a horse called Kitty, that used to graze there. Many people, including the Parks Section, still know it as Kitty’s Field. It has play equipment suitable for 2-6 years and 6 years upwards.

(Photo below – Cllr Vicky Vaughan, left, and the Mayor of Worthing, right, standing next to the new low level ambient lighting in Kitty’s Field).




Planning Objections Deadlines and Material Planning Considerations

Having sat on the Worthing Borough Council Planning Committee since May this year,  I thought I would share with you some of the most common planning questions and concerns that I receive from residents.

There appears to be confusion on what grounds you can object to a planning application. Grounds for objecting are, in planning jargon, called Material Planning Considerations. To learn about Material Planning Considerations, you can download this document: Material-Planning-Considerations.

In the last week I have received numerous calls from residents who are not happy about St Andrews School applying to replace a hut with a two storey Performing Arts building. Some neighbours are concerned about the reduction of daylight and increased noise levels which are Material Planning Considerations. Concerned residents should have written their objection letters before the deadline date which is today.

Unfortunately some residents have left it until today to raise concerns and now are too busy to write in. The said application in this case can be found by clicking here. It is clear that the publication consultation period began on 4th September which is when notification letters would have been sent to neighbours.

IMPORTANT: Every planning application submitted to a local authority must undergo a period of public consultation which varies in length between three and eight weeks. If you receive a letter alerting you to a planning application that may affect you, please respond to it sooner rather than later as it won’t go away. Leaving it until the last day to object only increases stress levels.

If circumstances don’t leave you any other option but to object on the deadline day, it is best to email your objection, clearly quoting the planning application reference. The email address will be shown at the top of the application page or on your notification letter.

If you are concerned about a Worthing Borough Council planning application that you think may affect you, go to the Worthing Borough Council Planning website. If if you wish to comment of a West Sussex County Council application, go to the West Sussex County Council planning website. Always check the deadline date for objections.

You can also find some good planning advice at the Planning Portal.

It is really upsetting to receive calls from distressed residents so I hope the above advice on Material Planning Considerations and Objection Deadlines helps to reduce future misunderstandings. Please do feel free to share this if you find it useful.



Post Office Modernisation – 8 Cricketers Parade, Broadwater Street West, Broadwater

Broadwater Post Office

Broadwater Post Office Refurbishment

Broadwater Post Office is being upgraded to a main style branch. This is part of modernisation programme which is taking place and Broadwater Post Office is one of 8000 branches being upgraded. The Government committed £1.34bn in 2010 towards this venture.

What will this mean for Broadwater Post Office Customers?

  • A newly refurbished branch providing moderning open plan environment for customers
  • Same products and services with the addition of car tax
  • Longer opening hours

The new-look Post Office is scheduled to open on Tuesday 4th November at 1pm. It will be closing for refurbishment on Saturday 18th October 2014 at 12.30pm. If there are any unforeseen delays, posters will be displayed at the branch.

While the Broadwater Post Office is closed, customers can use:

  • Littlehampton Road Post Office, 2 Littlehampton Road, Worthing, BN13 1QE > Click here for Google map location
  • Worthing Counter Poster Office, Chapel Road, Worthing, BN11 1AA > Click here for Google map location

I am delighted that Broadwater Post Office is being upgraded and I hope residents will show patience and understanding during the refurbishment.


UPDATE Travellers have now left Sompting Road Park/Lyons Farm Recreation Ground

Update at 20.51: travellers have left the Lyons Farm site, and are moving east along A27. Police monitoring.

The Lyons Farm recreation ground is now secure.

We thank all the residents in the vicinity of this area for their patience.

John Mitchell & Cllr Vicky Vaughan

Travellers in Sompting Road Park/Lyons Farm Recreation Ground

STATEMENT FROM JOHN MITCHELL – Director for Communities

The current position at the Lyons Farm Open Space, Sompting Road, is that the Police have agreed to use their S61 powers, with the expectation that the Travellers leave the site by 18.00 this evening.
Despite this, the Travellers have refused to leave the site, indicating that they will not leave until tomorrow morning at approximately 11.00am. This is a very unusual situation and not one we have encountered in Adur and Worthing before. It is normally the case that following the use of S61, Travellers move by the time specified by the Police.
In considering the options available to the Police and Council, factors such as Police resources available; the size of encampment (30 vehicles & 30 individuals in this case); and the risk to public order are considered. In view of these factors it has been agreed that the S61 action will take place at 11.00am tomorrow morning. In the meantime a Neighbourhood Policing Team presence currently remains on site, with door to door calls being made to residents to provide reassurance. Police will continue to monitor the site overnight prior to the S61 action tomorrow morning.
If any residents are concerned for their safety, please call 999.

Sussex Police Adur & Worthing Neighbourhood Policing Team Distraction Burglary Advice – 15th July 2014

Do you know who is at your door?
An elderly woman received a visit from an unknown male at her home address in Old Shoreham Roadon Monday 7 July. The man claimed to be a builder. The lady was distracted to her back garden by the caller asking to look at ladders when another male entered the address. Jewellery was stolen from the house. If you have any information with regard to this incident please contact us quoting serial 0877 of 07/07.
On Saturday 12 July in Wallace Avenue, Worthing, an elderly woman was called upon by a male asking if she had a contact number for a neighbour. The woman allowed the male in to her house and later reported a sum of cash had been stolen. It is believed a second suspect entered the house while the woman was distracted and stole the cash. If you have any information with regard to this incident please contact us quoting serial 0864 of 12/07.

To help reduce the risk of this happening to you, please follow this advice:
• Ask for ID
• Ask for a reason
• Ring the company they are from if you aren’t sure
• Don’t leave them alone
• Lock the door

To report any suspicious people, you can call 101 or in an emergency please call 999.

This message was sent by by email from PEO Shaun POLLEY 32429

Please do not reply to this email to report crimes or incidents… Contact us online or call 101 when it’s less urgent than 999

Sussex Police Warning – A reminder to all residents to be vigilant over scams

Sussex Police are reminding all residents, especially the elderly and anyone living alone, not to be taken in by a new type of scam that has been reported in the West Sussex area.

If you or any of your relatives or friends are(or have been) telephoned by the Ministry of Justice and told you qualify for a refund on payment protection insurance (PPI) this will be a scam.

The scammer will ask that in order for your claim to be processed you have to pay a percentage of your payout up front and that this should be in the form of UKASH vouchers. They then send a courier to attend the home address of the victim and collect the vouchers or access the code for these vouchers in order to claim the money. These scammers may call you on more than on one occasion and be persuasive or persistent in their calls. They may also suggest you call them back in order to ‘prove’ their identification. Please do not be taken in by these tactics.

To date there have been three reports of this particular MO; in Bognor, Littlehampton and Midhurst. If you have received a call of this nature or know anyone who has, please contact Sussex Police on 101 and report it to action fraud. In an emergency always dial 999.

The members of the community who seem to have been targeted are the elderly. Please make sure that if you know of any elderly residents who may not receive messages through community messaging that you inform them to be vigilant of this particular type of scam.

Detective Inspector Jim McKnight said: “These are wicked crimes that target some of our most vulnerable people. The impact on the victims is not only a financial one but can also have detrimentally affects on confidence and physical well being. The contact between the victim and the criminal can be a one off or can be very regular covering days and weeks. Please be aware to any signs of this or similar activity taking place – bring it to a halt and contact Police who will investigate the matter whilst providing advice, and assistance.”

This message was sent by via PEO Shaun POLLEY 32429

Please do not reply to this email to report crimes or incidents… Contact Sussex Police online or call 101 when it’s less urgent than 999

Conservative success in the 2014 Broadwater Local Elections

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Broadwater local elections 2014

I am extremely pleased to announce a successful result in the 2014 Broadwater Local Elections. Conservatives beat UKIPs by 63 votes which confirms that the Broadwater residents sensibly voted for progress and not protest. Conservatives will now be able to continue with their hard work to make Worthing an even better place to work, live, play and invest in!

Huge thanks to everyone that voted for Conservatives in the 2014 local elections. Worthing, as usual, bucked the trend and increased its number of seats. We see some new fresh faced councillors in other wards around Worthing and you will be able to read about them in this week’s Herald.

If you would like to see the other Worthing local election 2014 results, click here.

A number of Conservative voters I have recently met expressed an interest in becoming a Conservative member. Membership is a bargain at only £25 per year and gives you a say on candidate selection, enjoy fund-raising events and socialise with many interesting people including of course, our local MP, Tim Loughton. Click here to visit the East Worthing and Shoreham Conservative website.

If you would like to know more please get in touch with our Constituency office at 88a High Street Shoreham, 01273 757182 or email:

Thank you to the Broadwater local election voters

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I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone that voted for me yesterday in the Broadwater local elections.

At the time of writing, I still have 1.5 hours to wait until the count reveals whether I win the election – the count is at 1.30pm. So far Conservatives have lost control of eight authorities. This is devastating news.

I feel I must share with you a shocking experience which happened while I was working at a Broadwater polling station last night …

Due to lack of other seating, unfortunately I had to sit next to a drunk UKIP teller who arrived smelling like a brewery. I was shocked that he turned up to work drunk and it got worse. He refused to write the polling numbers down because ‘it was a waste of time’ apparently as UKIPs doesn’t have the software to input the numbers. I’m surprised that an organisation of 20 years old (I was advised) does not have adequate software – and UKIPs believe that they have the intelligence to run the country?

It gets much worse … This drunk UKIP teller then advised my colleague and I that he thought it was unfair that Jimmy Saville and other peodophiles who committed crimes back in the 1970s are now being judged by todays standards. He said: “That was just what happened then, it was part of the culture and living standards”.  Our drunk UKIP teller would not accept that it was unfair that women were too scared to speak up. I wonder if all the women who voted for UKIP are aware of its evil and sexist mentality – you want these people to run the country? Farage apologises for his members mistakes, but there seems to be too many mistakes!

The TV media has proved a major disappointment to me over the last few months because it has not educated voters about the difference between Local and European elections. Yesterday many people still didn’t realise they would get two voting slips to complete! Many make local voting decisions based upon what happens nationally e.g. immigration/benefits issues. There should be more TV shows about the difference between local and county services, and what unitary authorities are.  Instead our screens are filled with far too much air time on UKIP’s Farage.

Whatever happens in 1.5 hours time, I know that I keep my integrity intact and have remained ethical. I also know I have worked extremely hard for Broadwater and I really appreciate those Broadwater residents who took the time to thank me yesterday for my ward work.

Well I’m off to get ready for the count! I hope my next blog will be announcing a success story. If not, I hope that next year I can count on your support once again.

Once again, thanks for your support.


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TOMORROW 22nd MAY 2014

Vote for VAUGHAN = Valid
Vote for VAUGHAN = Value
Vote for VAUGHAN = Verified
Vote for VAUGHAN = Vigilant
Vote for VAUGHAN = Vision
Vote for VAUGHAN = Vital


VOTE for PROGRESS (not protest) in Broadwater and Worthing!

* 4 years frozen council tax
* £1 per hour car parking
* Splashpoint award winning leisure complex

For further info visit


Example of LOCAL ELECTION voting slip - Vote Vicky Vaughan - your Broadwater Candidate

Example of LOCAL ELECTION voting slip – Vote Vicky Vaughan – your Broadwater Candidate